Art for me,
Is the exuberance that is life,
and goes beyond the realm
of peace, into the infinte energy of bliss and joy ...

Ode to Bosphorus: Glimpses of Istanbul through Yantras

Istanbul, for me is arguably the most diverse historical location of the world, where the East meets the West,the crossroads of the world.

Ode To Bosphorus - Glimpses of Istanbul through Yantras, is a series and a body of work which emerged out of my response to Istanbul during my month long stay.

Sacred geometry is the fountain head and genesis of this series. I have attempted at presenting the unity between the ancient civilizations of Turkey and India.
A cultural and intellectual dialogue which began with the trade routes and spawned for centuries.

My exploration is in multiple layers. Architecture, eras and also in the rendering. Whilst the metaphorical layers of cultural, social and historical diversity are its fulcrum.
Going back to the centre, where we are all connected.

Through 'Ode To Bosphorus' I wish to draw focus and attention to harmony and oneness,the key elements to peace.

Dipti Bondre